Mr. Asif Hasan

ARS Color founded by Mr. Asif Hasan . ARS Colors is world's leading manufacturer and exporter of Carpet, Home furnishing & Color Reference Systems. The business was founded in 2001 with the dream of making homes beautiful. It has been exporting its products to 50 countries around the world.

The first color system was launched with 600 shades to fulfil the needs of all the people related with colors. It was the result of immense hard work put in by Mr. Asif as a designer of carpet and textiles.

Being a designer and also in the business of yarn dyeing he understood the requirement of color systems for various industries, Therefore he invented ARS 1200 in wool with 1200 shades, ARS 320 in viscose with 320 shades, ARS 1331 in Cotton with 1331 shades and ARS 700 in Viscose with 700 shades to meet the respective requirements. ARS Colors has added another set of New Wool Collection of 1400 shades in Wool at Domotex 2012.

Mr. Asif is putting his best efforts in ARS to adding more & more colors day by day. At present ARS has a color library of 6551 Shades in different types of yarn (3200 shades in Wool, 2020 shades in Viscose and 1331 shades in Cotton).

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